Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy Day in Wenatchee

It's Tuesday which means "Wenatchee Day!  Brian has his drum lessons on Tuesdays in Wenatchee so we try to plan to do all of our Walmart/ Costco/ Lowes shopping on this day.  Today was especially crazy because I managed to schedule Bonnie's dentist and eye appointments today as well.  As soon as we closed the church office down, the kids and I sped off to Wenatchee.  First was the dentist.  Bonnie had no cavitities - Yeah!. However, she does have some dental work to be done so we will be back again in a couple of weeks.  Then it was a mad dash to the other side of the river to Costco to return some items.  Next down the road to the eye doctor.  Bonnie is having trouble with her glasses and it was time for another check up.  She decided that she wanted  to try contacts.  Did you know our insurance requires you to take an hour long class on how to use contacts?  We had to wait a half hour before she could take the "class" so we headed over to the mall.  Finally, we dropped Bonnie off with the eye doctor for her "class."  The boys and I then dashed back across the river to Lowes for more grass seed.  (We still don't have grass growing in our yard.)  By now it was time for Brian's drum lessons.  No sooner did we get him dropped off, then Bonnie called asking to be picked up.  She must be a quick learner because they only had her a half hour.  Way to go Girl!  Back across the river to pick up Bonnie whose eyes were tearing up and driving her crazy.  Back across the river to pick up Brian who was now done with his lesson.  By now Bonnie was in pure agony.  She was not liking her contacts at all.  A stop at KFC to make everyone happy and Bonnie couldn't take it any longer and took the contacts out.  She was very discouraged.  She really wanted to wear contacts but it is looking like her eyes can't handle it.  (My mom and I both tried contacts and had troubles with our eyes being irritated by them.) Finally to Sav Mart for our garden plants and seeds and to Walmart for a few household items. Now we can finally go home!!  Whew!

It was a crazy day driving back and forth, but worth it to get everything done.


  1. Tell her not to give up yet on wearing contacts. I had trouble the last time I got new ones...same thing with lots of irritation, etc...and they gave me a different pair to try. Those worked great. I also need to be careful to use solution for sensitive eyes.

  2. I will let her know. I told her to let her eyes rest then to try it again, but I will call the eye doctor and see if they have a differnt type that won't irritate her eyes so much.