Monday, June 4, 2012

Final Week

This is it - our final week of school!  Bryce is on his last math assignment and has three language assignments left.  Brian is on his final math assignment as well.  He has a bit more to do on his language.  Bonnie is almost done with language and is progressing towards the end of her math. 

I am signing the kids up today to take their end of year assessments.  I decided to do the Survey assessments for the boys and do the full battery of tests for Bonnie. The reason Bonnie is taking the full battery is because we decided to send Bonnie to the public school next year.  I figure they will want a full assessment to know her skill levels.  That was the original plan when we began to homeschool - to send them to public school when they reached high school.  However, when we were in North Carolina and Todd was teaching in the public school system he decided that he didn't want his daughter there.  Now that we are in Leavenworth, we have decided she should go.  For the first time ever, I have peace about sending my daughter into the school system.  There is still a lot of things I don't like and most of what I don't like is the socialization.  Despite what everyone says the socialization at the school system is negative not positive.  When I overhear the conversations from the students as they walk past my house after school I cringe.  When I read their posts from teens I cringe.  Bonnie, however, has been showing real strength of character and strong morals that I think will help her to not fall prey to the negativity of the social crowd.  We have been spending the past seven years equipping her to be in this world and yet not be part of this world.  It is time for her to let her light shine.  Right now she is still in our home, still under our supervision, and still under our guidance.  Our goal is to help her know how to deal with the things that this world throws at our young people. (Like saying "No" to the school play because the morals are bad in it.) Also  there is a lot the school system has to offer that I know she will benefit from such as choir, drama, art, etc.   Those things are hard for me to give her at home unless I want to drive long hours and spend lots of dollars that I don't have. 

So we are wrapping things up.  Todd has two more class days this week.  Wednesday, his school will be heading to Chelan to go to Slide Waters.  Our kids will join in with him.  Thursday is Todd's final day of school and ours as well.   Yeah! 


  1. When he was here last week Todd told us that you guys were planning to have Bonnie go to the local high school. She'll do well! I have to admit, though, that I'm a little sad, just because it would've been nice to have you to talk to about homeschooling high school.

  2. I have been so stressed this year with school. I know that working at the church is part of my problem, but I do believe that working at the church was the right move for our ministry here. Bonnie has done well with her schooling but I feel that there are so large gaps in it. I researched many options all with price tags that I wasn't sure we could swing. When Todd mentioned the public school, for the first time I felt peace overwhelm me. I knew then that was the right option. She had a lot of fun doing the play with the high schoolers and is getting to know quite a few people. It is such a small town here. She made a very positive impact on a lot of students and staff. I pray that she will a very positive influence at the school.