Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lock In

 A week ago we had our lock in at church.
Todd had the kids do some "Minute to Win It" games for fun.
We had the cup stacking and collapsing game.
Then there was the sorting the playing cards games.
He had a lot more planned but the kids were not into it.
 After a late night and a lite sleep on a hard floor, the girls were a little groggy and moody.

 Brian and MacKenzie, however, were up early and ready to play some more.
They had fun playing cards with dad and Steve.
Steve was a real trouper.  
 By noon, our friends from Shoreline and Port Orchard arrived.
Tubing on Ski Hill
 Even though we were tired, no one was ready to throw in the towel.
 The tubing hill was really slick.
The temperatures have been really cold and with little snow, everything was like ice.
The ski club trucked in some extra snow.
The made a few changes on the tubing hill.
They added a carpet to help slow you down at the end.
Last year, they had people fly out of the tubing run.
To prevent that this year they not only added the carpet but also built an extra high wall on the final curve at the end.
I think the kids were a bit disappointed but as a mom I was glad that the possibility of broken bones was greatly reduced.

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