Monday, December 12, 2011


 The Nutcrackers are done!
It took us about three days and several trips to various stores to find all the different candy pieces, but we did it!
 We made a few variations.
We couldn't find gumballs which were needed for the hands and cheeks, so we used marshmallows and red M&Ms instead.  I also couldn't find chocolate wafer cookies so we made some from scratch and used them for the hat, hat brim, and belt.
 We used three different cake mixes - yellow, white, and chocolate.  The hat and head are yellow, the chest is chocolate, and the bottom two are white.
 All the Nutcrackers have been delivered.  I kind of wish we had one or two extra to enjoy here at home, but we didn't have enough of all the extra pieces.  oh well...

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