Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Lighting Time Again

It's that time of year again.  Time for the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting and time for the James family to volunteer to be Christmas characters so that we can entertain and mingle with the town visitors.


Bonnie really gets into the whole event.  People are always asking to have their picture taken with Frosty.  She is one busy gal on Front Street.
 I didn't have to do any coaching to get her to walk around the crowd and mingle.

At one point Frosty met up with the Christmas Mouse and the Grinch.

 The boys weren't into the whole crowd-pleaser thing.  I had to encourage them to smile, wave, and wish the little kids Merry Christmas. I did catch them singing Christmas carols with the live band.  Oh, And they really liked the hot cocoa that the chamber was serving.
 The boys' friend, Dante, was hanging out with us for the night.  He would have dressed up too, but he fractured his elbow earlier this week and was in a sling.
 Aww!....the whole family together.
Nope, that 's not me as Mrs. Claus.  I was signed up to be her, but someone else beat me to the costume, so I got to be the elf escort for the night.
 Some of the other characters were Mr. Scrooge and St. Nicholas.
 My favorite part about the Christmas lighting is the live music.  There is something awesome about walking around town singing your favorite Christmas carols with the people on the street.
   The ladies from the chamber kept everyone warm with hot cocoa and cider.  Yum!
Overall, it was a fun night and one to add to our memory books.

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