Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It is time again to come up with some gifts to give to all the faculty at Todd's school.  I was thinking about doing a cookie sampler plate for all of them.  You know, where you get a paper plate and fill it with one or two different cookies/treats that you make.

However, Bonnie pulled out my cupcake cookbook yesterday and pointed to a cupcake that she thought I should make.  I think we are going to try it.
 Don't you think these Nutcrackers would be a great Christmas treat?  My one concern is cost.  They have all kinds of different candy pieces on them - mini m&ms, gumballs, nesco wafers, chocolate wafers, almonds, etc.  They could turn out to be quite expensive.  I am going to head down to the Alps Candy store in town and price everything to see if we can do them.  I could just make frosting and use it for buttons, eyes, feet, etc.  If it turns out they will be too expensive, plan B is to make ornament cupcakes.
These are pretty cute too.  I could give each teacher three ornaments and use only one box of mix.  (The Nutcrackers will take 3 boxes.)  I will let you know what we end up making.  I kinda of want to make them now, but I think the gift exchange is next Friday.  So we will hold off baking until next week.

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