Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is it like this in your home....

That first day back....

  Kids dragging their feet, bleary eyed, all-of-a-sudden sick and can't sit up even if you put a board up their backs....

  That was our day to day. 

It was all I could do to not throw the towel in and jump into bed myself.  I stuck with my agenda though.  A few concessions here and there.  Our focal point this week is Martin Luther and the Reformation.   So to ease into our day we watched the movie Martin Luther (good ole youtube comes in handy again.).  I then assigned the kids reading about Martin Luther to get a deeper appreciation for him.  By that time it was lunch, then math, language, and science for the kids.  I had wanted them to write a summary on Luther but I have tabled that for tomorrow. (that's one of those concessions I was talking about.)  Bryce had it the hardest.  He woke up this morning complaining that his brother kept him up past ten.  (Bryce likes his sleep and Brian could do without any.)  So Bryce had a hard time focusing.  Brian on the other hand came down complaining of a stomach ache that was making it difficult to do his house chore and shovel off the new snow that fell last night.  Funny how when dad came home for lunch he was able to do everything.

Regardless, by five I finished with the last child and said ENOUGH!  

Bonnie still has a research paper to work on.  She printed off her note cards today, but she has a few more Renaissance artist to research to complete her paper.  I  think though we are done.  It is 6:30 outside and black as midnight.  The boys are playing a new game on the Wii and the movie I ordered for Bonnie's Christmas finally arrived today so I will let her watch it.

Tomorrow will have to be better.

Oh...I hope it will be better.

It's got to be better.


  1. Yeah...we definitely have start-back days like that. It wasn't too bad for us this time, but I think it's because we switched back to Math-U-See after a horrible time with something else. So, the kids had something to look forward to, I guess.

    I hope today went better!

  2. Today did go a lot better. Everyone stayed focused and on task. Of course, it helped that we did school at church. We even worked as a group on a cluster diagram and there weren't any complaints when I told them that we are going to add more to our cluster tomorrow and write a paper. Yep...things went a lot better today.