Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday, Bonnie and I went Christmas shopping.

Mind you, I have bought most of my gifts on line this year, but I got an extra coupon for JC Penney and wanted to take advantage of it.   Todd really needs some new dress shirts and pants and I thought Bonnie might like to see if she could find something new to wear as well.  I had to laugh when I got home.  Bryce was all bugged eyed when I walked in the door carrying groceries that I picked up on the way back home.  He thought for sure I was carrying in his Christmas presents.  In fact, he promptly went upstairs and brought down all the wrapping paper.  Imagine his dismay when I announced that I brought in only food and even if I did have presents in any of those bags, I wasn't about to wrap them in front of everyone. 

This morning when he came down for breakfast, Bryce was disappointed that there weren't any presents under the tree.  Poor Boy.!  He can't wait for Christmas.  I ordered his present on line and it should arrive later this week.  I will have to be vigilant about watching for the postman and intercept the present before  he sees it.  ha ha

I would love to share with you what we got Brian , but I will keep it a secret for now.  I do know he will be one happy young man, but we might need to get ear plugs.  Bonnie is the only one to shop for now. I could have gotten her presents if I hadn't taken her with me but I enjoyed shopping with her.  She did find a nice sweater that we will wrap up and put under the tree.

On a different note...the kids and I are going to see Ira Finkelstein's Christmas tonight.  They haven't released the movie yet, but they are having a special screening for Leavenworth tonight.  They only have room for 200 people so we are heading over an hour early to get a seat.  I hope we get in. 

I will let you know how it turned out.  The movie is to be released next year.  Evidently they have been showing it at different film festivals and earning different awards for it.  We will put that on next year's Christmas list.

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