Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We're Going to Make It

We may be on Break, but the list of things to do is quite long.  Slowly, things are getting done.  I FINALLY got my parent's gift in the mail.  (I hope it makes it in time. cross fingers!)

Monday was to be my sewing day.  I am making most of my gifts for my in-laws, etc and haven't had the time or energy to put everything together.  When I sat down to sew, my machine kept acting up.  Not Good!  I finally concluded it needed to be oiled but I didn't have any machine oil.  In all reality, I really needed to fix my own machine since I have been working off of my daughters.  Todd offered to go to Wenatchee for me to pick up the things I needed to get back in operation.  I knew, however, that would put me in a state of panic.  It would take him an hour or two to do the errand, and I couldn't stand that "dead time."  I decided instead to switch my days around and do my Tuesday Christmas shopping on Monday, pick up the parts for my machines, and sew on Tuesday instead of Monday. 

So Monday, I ended up buying all of the rest of our Christmas gifts and found the solutions to both of my sewing machines.  Yesterday, was a marathon sewing day.  I have almost completed four of my seven sewing projects.  The remaining three will be easy and I know that I will be able to complete them on Friday.  I have yet to do any more Christmas goodies.  I think that will be Saturday's activity. 

Yep, I think we are going to make it.  The presents will get made, goodies will get fixed, and everyone will have a great Christmas.  We will rest AFTER Christmas.


  1. We're getting excited to see you guys!

  2. We are excited too. I just hope it snows before you guys get here. They are trucking snow into town for the sledding hill and the tubing hill. I warned Kevin Lane that we will be tubing down white concrete. Be forewarned.

  3. Oh, man. Well, Drew will be there tomorrow, tubing with the youth group.

  4. (Zach will be there tubing with the Senior High YG the same day we're coming up. He'll ride with them, then we'll pick him up from your house later on in the day.)

  5. guys get to SEE each other? Again?