Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ready for a Break

We are on Christmas Break but it doesn't feel like it yet.  There are cookies to be made for tomorrow night's Christmas program, the stage to set up and decorate, and finally, the program to perform.  I am so looking forward to Monday.  I have taken the week off from going to the gym but I might take just one more day off just so I can sleep in.   I can still go to the gym after I wake up, right?

I still have kids coming over while their parent's work and I still have to go work at the church, but I am thankful for a break from school pressures and Awana. 

House News....Here we go again.  We are expecting another contract to be faxed out today.  This will be the fourth contract we have signed on the house.  The first two were from a bidding war that was going on between two buyers.  The second offer won out but got into a fight over how to put their names on the deed.  That offer fell through.  Then the male figure from the first offer renewed his offer but by that time another offer was on the table,  We let them dicker it out and we signed contract #3 with the winner of that war.  He backed out after the inspections.  Now we have another offer and after countering back and forth have come to an agreement on price.  We expect to sign the papers today with inspections to be completed next week.  Let's just say I am nervous about the whole proceedings and won't feel comfortable until I know they still want the house after the inspections.  It is an old house.  Todd and I knew the issues with it but felt that we had a lifetime to slowly bring it back up to speed.  Who could have guessed that four years later we would be in Washington?  Obviously, not us.

Weight Loss News....Except for this week, I have been faithfully going to the gym each morning to work out.  I am nearing the 20 pound weight loss marker.  If I could control my eating I could lose more but that is hard right now with all the goodies flowing through the kitchen.   Like I said earlier, I have cookies to make for the Christmas program today.  Todd brought home boxes of chocolates, homemade fudge, and more from his students and fellow teachers.  It is hard. I figure I slowly put all this weight on and I am slowly taking it off.  I am ok with that.

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  1. Break sounds good we are waiting until next week... I hope this contract goes well and finished that cycle your in! CONGRATS SO MUCH ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO Merry Christmas!