Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Musician

Today we met Bryce's guitar teacher.  Todd and I decided in October that we would sign Bryce up to learn how to play guitar.  We debated about whether or not we should buy him his own guitar, but decided that he should use his father's  for the first year. How he does will determine if we will invest the money in his own guitar.  I managed to find a teacher who taught guitar at the same store and during the same hour as Brian's drum lessons, so now both boys will be taking lessons at the same time.  I learned that I can't just drop the boys off anymore either.  It turns out that Bryce's teacher requires an adult to be in the room with him and his student so that if that if they forget what to practice on they have someone who was paying attention to remind them. 

Bryce's teacher is a sixty year old man who has been playing since he was ten.  He began playing for money when he was fifteen and has played in California with major bands and grammy award winner artists.  He has quite an impressive resume.  I like him already and I am hopeful for Bryce. Now the ball is in Bryce's court to see how serious he is about learning. 

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