Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some Real Characters

Tonight a few kids from our youth group volunteered to work as Christmas Characters for our town's Lighting Festival.  Everyone met at our house and then we all walked downtown to get our costumes and work the crowd.
 Lexi was a little bummed that all the good characters were taken.  She ended up in the elf-girl costume.  Not as fun as being Frosty.  She lasted about an hour outside before coming back in to warm up.  Fortunately, one of the girls decided to change costumes so Lexi got to dress up as Frosty for the second half. 
 Bonnie and MacKenzie got to be Rudolf and Timothy the Christmas Mouse. 
Hunter rocked it as Frosty.  He had a blast entertaining the crowd.  Frosty is one of the most popular character at the festival.  Everyone wants their picture with him.  Fortunately, the city has three Frosty costumes so several of the kids got to be Frosty.
The kids had a lot of fun and the crowd enjoyed their presence. 

This was the last weekend for the lighting.  Tons of people showed up. SNOWED!

When we were all done, everyone walked back to our house for tacos and a movie - Tangled.  More kids showed up and we had a fun, enjoyable evening.

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