Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bonnie's Project Just Might Kill Me

Bonnie had an idea.  She wanted to make her own personalized blanket for camp.  She drew out the design and then purchased the materials to make a unique, one-of-a-kind blanket.  The multi-colored fish represents the letter "O" and then next to it she is going to spell out the rest of her camp name "Ohara."  She used fusible webbing to adhere all of the scraps to the fleece blanket and my job is to zigzag stitch around all of the pieces.  In theory it sounded doable. that is only because I don't have enough experience in these things.  If I did, I would have told her she is nuts!  She completed laying out her blanket yesterday and I have started the process of stitching around the design.  Let's just say, my sewing machine and I have decided that this is NOT as simple as it sounds.  After about a half hour last night, I gave up and made some winter gear for the boys.  Today, however, I have to try it again.  I am little fresher and have a bit more patience. Maneuvering a large piece a fleece around a sewing machine and trying to follow all of Bonnie's curls is a challenge, but if I can do it, it will be one really cool blanket.

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