Thursday, December 6, 2012

Did you ever have one of those days that you were looking forward to and just as everything was about to start, you suddenly felt deathly ill and it put a damper on the whole, anticipated day?  Well, today was one of those days.  I have been looking forward to this day for a couple of weeks.  Mainly because today is the day that I get to weigh myself and get measured again at my Prism group.  This morning I stepped on the scale with much anticipation and fear.  I was excited to see how much I lost but afraid it wasn't enough to make me feel happy.  Sure enough, I saw that I hadn't lost the twenty pounds I was hoping for, but I did lose fourteen pounds.  I am five pounds from my initial goal weight, however, I have decided that I want to lose another ten pounds to be satisfied.  I have gone down two sizes since I started the program, which makes me more happy than the number on the scale. 

After working in the church office this morning, I headed over to an old friend's house for a ladies luncheon.  The female teachers from Todd's school and a few other ladies who are involved with the school were having lunch together and they invited me to join them.  I was excited to be included but a little nervous as well.  I know several of the ladies and wouldn't mind to get to know them even more, others I don't know as well and feel a bit on edge with them.  Unfortunately, shortly after eating my salad I started to feel sick - flu-like sick.  You know where you head begins to swim, you feel all clammy, and think you are going to hurl.  Yeah....not good.  I had been there long enough, (another had already left) that I felt like I could excuse myself from the luncheon and not appear rude.  I got home as fast as I could and crashed in my room.  Here's the thing, I had less than an hour before I had to leave again.  Again...not good.  I tried to take a thirty minute power nap to see if that would settle my stomach.  I finally got up and then willed myself to head to my next appointment.

Todd's mom gave us her van earlier this year.  The issue is that last Christmas my sister-in-law gave my in-laws a remote starter for the van.  When my MIL gave us the van she asked that we have the remote starter taken off and put on her Subaru.  We decided that it would probably cost the same or more to take it off one car and placed on another, so instead we set it up for me to take my MIL's Subaru into Wenatchee to have a new starter installed.  After exchanging vehicles with my in-laws I headed into Wenatchee and dropped off their car.  I then had three hours to kill.  Fortunately, there are several stores within walking distance so I did some more Christmas shopping. 

It was then a mad dash in the snow and rain to get back home, exchange cars again, grab my food journals and head to my Prism class that I was already late for. Fortunately, my flu-like symptoms had died down.  I found out I had the second highest weight-loss in the class and I had lost 1 to 3 inches all over.  Yeah!  So even though the day was long, hectic, and not exactly how I had hoped it to turn out, it was still a good day.  My tummy is still a little off, but it may have been the food.  At least I hope so.  I really don't want the flu.

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