Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things Husbands Do

Imagine my state of mind when I received this post....
"I don't know what's worse a broken leg or that he lost my car keys"
followed by this picture
Bryce being towed down the ski hill by ski patrol


My first thought was how serious of a break and are they going to the hosptial.  My second thought was how are they going to get to the hospital without car keys, and my van won't make it up the mountain road to the ski resort so who can I get with 4 wheel drive to get me there. My final thought was, "why did Bryce have Todd's car keys."
After several texts later, I found out there were no broken bones and no lost keys.  Bad husband, Bad!
Bonnie knocked off Bryce's ski when they were on the chair lift.  Bryce was then stranded at the top of the hill while ski patrol went up and down the run looking for it.  After a long time they decided to bring him down on the toboggan, that is when Todd showed up after coming off his run and saw Bryce being towed down.  Todd then went up to find the missing ski and spotted it during his first trip up.  Thank goodness. 
After a couple more hours of skiing, everyone called it quits and came home thoroughly exhausted, cold  and happy.

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