Friday, December 21, 2012

It is still snowing here and I am loving it.  I am not loving driving in it.  I try to avoid going into town but I have had to drive into Wenatchee (25 miles away) every day this week. If it is not Christmas shopping, then it is music lessons and dentist appointments.  Today I had to take Brian into town to get him new ski boots.  It seems his feet have grown in the last few weeks.  Fortunately my brother in law works at warehouse that sells used sports equipment.  He was able to trade Brian's boots for a bigger size.  Of course, when we have to drive in to Wenatchee I try to think of everything we need so we did a little grocery shopping and got some more winter gear.

Brian is going with the boys scouts on a two day ski trip tomorrow so I wanted to make sure he was sufficiently equipped.  Next week, Bonnie will be going to winter camp which means she needed some warmer clothes.  Our little winter break is feeling so busy.  I think I am done going to town for a few weeks or at least until music lessons start again.

Now I just have to make the final preparations for Christmas.

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