Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do you ever feel like...?

Do you ever feel like you have wasted a week of school?

With our weekend packed with conferences, gardening, canning, etc; I never got to do the prep work that I needed to get this week off on the right foot.  Add to that, loosing a day to take my in-laws to Seattle and then spending the last two mornings at church to oversee things while my mother-in-law is away, I feel like it has been an unproductive week.  Don't get me wrong, the kids are doing their work, minus Tuesday;  they are doing their math, language, science, and history reading.  It is just that for years I have taught them as a group and now they are quietly doing work on their own.  Bonnie is now checking her own work so I just have to check in with her and make sure she is doing it properly. Every time I look over Brian's work it is done correctly.  The only one who still needs me close by is Bryce.   I guess I am scared I am missing something.  I like the conversations I would have with the kids during our group study so that I knew they were understanding their history and science.  Of course, Brian did inform me today that Bryce had to excuse himself from the room to add to the air some sulfur oxide.  I guess he is learning something. lol

Sigh....Tomorrow I have jury duty.  What a way to end this week,  my friend, Amber, is coming over to sit with the kids so again there won't be any group time.  This is where I wish I was in a co-op to help prod me along.  Then again, I don't want to push us through the curriculum without understanding it.  I would rather be slow and deliberate than fast and "what did we just learn?"

Signing to can more tomatoes, clean house, and get busy.

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