Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things You Might See In Leavenworth

I have to say that I love living here.
It is breathtakingly beautiful.
There is always a festival going on.
You never know what you will see when heading into town.

The other day the kids and I decided to list something unusual sightings here:
Here are just a few:

70year old men walking around in lederhosen
Dirty, dingy, stinky, haven't had a bath in a month, khaki shirts and pants wearing people in the grocery store. (Never again will I worry about how I look when going to the store.  Compared to these mountain people, I could go to the Ritz.)

Buxom, young girls in their mini dirndl.

Men carrying their alpenhorns through town.

Men wearing viking hats

   There are also the horse drawn carriages covered in flowers

Wagons filled with beer barrels
and more

We will have to keep our eyes out for more unusual sightings.  

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