Monday, October 24, 2011

Technology...Gotta Love It

This morning's school got started a little late.

I was going over our to-do list and mentioned that I wanted to watch a youtube video for history.  The kids balked.  They did not want to crowd around the computer for another of mom's videos.  Bonnie asked if we could hook up the Wii to the internet and watch the movie on the TV.  I tried to make excuses but decided they might have a good idea so the morning was spent figuring out how to connect to the internet through the Wii.  It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought, especially since we have wireless internet. (I keep forgetting that.)  Once it was all hooked up we watched the History Channel's documentary on the The Crusades: The Crescent and the Cross.

Another new find that has enhanced our school day is spelling city.  Go to for your children's spelling work.  They have tons of lists or you can create your own list.  With each spelling word, they include the definition and use it in a sentence.  The kids practice spelling their words, they can make flashcards with the word on one side and definition on the back, they can play games with their words, and take spelling tests and vocabulary tests.  They can also print off handwriting worksheets in manuscript and cursive with all of their words.  Most of the things you can do on this sight are free, however for $25 you  can do a whole lot more.  Hey, that is the cost of one spelling workbook so it is definitely worth the cost to upgrade to a premium membership. you use sequential speller?  All the word lists from sequential speller are already on there for your child to study and learn. Do you have a high school student?  They have SAT word lists.  Our Tapestry of Grace curriculum has vocabulary words for each week.  I put them on the site to create our spelling list for the week.  It is worth looking at.

Finally...a conversation from yesterday...

After the church potluck, the senior ladies were all working hard in the kitchen washes dishes and putting things away.

One lady said to the other, "Who is going to wash all of these dishes when all of us old women are gone?

I yelled, "Get a dishwasher."

At which point, they turned, looked at me with disbelief, and then started howling with laughter. 

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  1. I *do* use Sequential Spelling. Awesome! Thanks for the tip!