Saturday, October 15, 2011

Run, Todd, Run

It's Oktoberfest time in Leavenworth.  Actually, for the past three weekends it has been Oktoberfest.  Every available space in town is filled up with cars and sound of oompah music fills the air late into the nights.
To conclude this festive time, the city of Leavenworth sponsored a marathon and half-marathon.  
The kids and I went into town to see the runners come through.  The girls seemed to have the most fun with dressing up for the event.
 Quite a few women wore their mini driendels.

 Then there were the girls in tutus.

Finally, after several more Bavarian runners, came....

Todd.  He has been training for a couple of months.  This isn't his first half-marathon, but it has been four years since he last ran in one.

The kids ran with him down the sidewalk.  We were so proud of him. Todd did very well.  He ran the 13 miles in a little over two hours.  


PS - I finally got my batteries for my camera!!

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