Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today begins a busy weekend (I know it is only Thursday but our weekend activities start now.)  Before I submerge myself in all the "to-dos" I thought I would let you know what is going on.

This morning is going to be busy with baking - banana bread, pies, cookies, whatever I can get done by noon.  After lunch we head to church to set up for this weekend's missionary conference.  At two Bonnie has piano lessons and then we head off to the Piccadilly Circus.  Once we get home, I need to can more tomatoes.  I peeked into the box and saw lots of red tomatoes.

Today, we also got word that a decision is going to be made concerning the sell of our house in NC.  Over the weekend we got two offers to purchase the home.  Our realtor went back to both agents and told them to give us their best offer.  Better yet, it sounds like both offers will be cash offers.  If all goes well, we could have our  house sold in about 2 - 3 weeks.

Tomorrow the missionaries arrive.  We will still do school, but there will be more baking, cooking, and cleaning to accomplish at the same time.  I am tired thinking about it.  Saturday, the men have a prayer breakfast and I decided to invite the female missionaries over to our house for coffee and cinnamon rolls (more baking required),  late  morning we will take the missionaries out on a hike and a picnic lunch, followed by dinner at church and another meeting.

Sunday is a normal schedule with missionaries speaking and a potluck after church.  Last year, we found our home to be the hangout for the missionaries in between meetings.  I wasn't prepared with extra goodies and beverages, but I am making sure to have enough munchies this time.  Even better, an area farmer surprised us with two boxes full of grapes and two bags full of purple plums. YUM!  We will have plenty of fresh fruit.  Oh No!!  I just remembered we are supposed to pick pears today as well.  When is that going to happen? ...deep breath....We will figure it out. 

Time to get off this machine and preheat the oven, grab out the school books, and get this day started.

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