Friday, February 7, 2014

Time Flies

It has been too long once again.  I am supposed to be reading The Boys War to Bryce right now as we study the Civil War, but I will give you a brief update.

This week I got Brian's report card from WAVA.  All B's.  I should be happy with that.  I was actually surprised.  I expected a C or two with the B's.  Someone must have decided to up the boys grades or the grading scale is really off.  This week has been Brian's Ramp Up week for second semester.  What that means is the boy had nothing to do but sit in on an orientations for each class.  Only one teacher assigned work for this week ...Geometry.  Monday, everything kicks off in full swing.

Bonnie is plugging away at school.  She is so competitive.  She is working again at camp washing dishes over the weekend.  We really miss her when she works.  She has two more work weeks next month and then her schedule slows down.  Believe it or not, in another week she will be signing up for the Spring Quarter at the college.  Wow!  time is flying by.

Bryce is slowly but surely making his way through his studies.  We have settled on a series of books that he WANTS to read and therefore is motivated to read.  He is working his way through the Magic Tree House series.  He downloads them from the library to his IPod and reads them everyday.  I require that he write a summary on each day's reading and then he has to take all of those summaries and write a book report.

Last night,  I invited some other homeschool moms to join me for dinner at a local restaurant  and we had a night of encouragement.  We had five gals altogether, and we had a blast.  At one point, when  the family sitting next to got up to leave the young mom at the table came over to introduce herself.  She apologized for listening in to our conversations, but she was a home school mom and asked some advice on Bible curriculum.  cool!   The highlight for me last night was that I got to know my "relative" Lori a little better as she came to the dinner.  She also brought with her the new pastor's wife, Lori, who is from my hometown of Alexandria, Indiana.  She even knew where my childhood home is.  Double Cool!

Ok...gotta go and read. 

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