Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentines Day!

The virtual school is taking the day off so Happy NO SCHOOL Day!   Brian and Bryce get today off and Monday so I am enjoying a quiet morning at the church.  This evening about a hundred teenagers and leaders will be showing up for their annual Winter Blast retreat.  I have been busy rearranging classrooms and cleaning out the fridge get the church facilities ready for them.  Our weather has been cooperating somewhat for the winter retreat.  We received a foot and a half of snow earlier this week but the past two days we have had warm temps and rain which made all of our fluffy snow wet and slushy.  Today it can't figure out if it is going to rain or snow.  Right now it is raining.  I think Todd has convinced the retreat leaders to take the kids ice skating again this year instead of skiing or tubing.  That will make my daughter happy.

Earlier this week we celebrated my 45th birthday.  Wow, I am getting old.  Todd took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden and got me a beautiful necklace that has my birthstone on it.  I was really surprised.  

This evening, Bonnie head over to the community college to attend an orientation for the National Honor Society with the community college.  I am excited that all of her hard work in school is paying off.  Being inducted to this group will give her another edge to getting into the college of her choice and help her to receive the scholarships that she will need to help pay for her college tuition.

This week has also been a challenging one with the virtual school.  Supposedly someone was trying to bombard the K12 website with a high volume of activity and make it shut down.  For two mornings, we were unable to access the school site which left Brian with nothing to do here at the church office.  Fortunately, one of Brian's assignments this semester is to write a research paper.  Even though his teacher has not approved his topic (The Life of Theodore Roosevelt) , I had him begin the research process.  He went on line and read some articles on Roosevelt and began to create his Bibliography page and took notes.  I also give him the World Book Encyclopedia to research as well.   I can't see any reason why his teacher would not approve of the topic and now he is a few steps ahead in the process.  The best thing for me was that he did all of that without putting up a fuss. 

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to a quiet weekend with just Bryce as Bonnie, Brian, and Todd will be here at church with the Winter Blast crew.  I hope to get our taxes done and a lot of cleaning and organizing.

Happy Valentines!

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