Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's All Up to Interpretation

I had an educational moment last night.  One of our janitors informed me she was heading to town and asked if the church needed anything.  The downstairs janitor had given me a list of supplies she needed - one of the items being toilet bowl cleaner. 

Now to me, toilet bowl cleaner is pretty obvious, but I learned last night that it is not obvious to everyone.  So I am curious to know what you think of when someone says they need toilet bowl cleaner.  What image comes to your mind?

The item that was purchased to fulfill the request was
Is that what you think of?  Not me.  I might use Scrubbing Bubbles spray in the sinks or in the tub, maybe on the counter, but not the toilet.

Out of curiosity I asked my husband what he thinks of when someone asks for toilet bowl cleaner.

Looking a little confused, he finally admitted that this comes to mind.
Comet?  Really?  He explained that as a young boy growing up in the James household he was required to use Comet to scrub the toilets.

I wouldn't have thought of that either.  No, when I think of toilet bowl cleaner I think of....

I mean, come on, it says  TOILET BOWL CLEANER right on the front label.   Could it not be more obvious. 

So I, and possibly you, learned that we should not assume that we are all on the same wave length.  In fact, it is all up to our own interpretation, at least, when it comes to bathroom cleaners.

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