Monday, February 17, 2014

Dr. Who

My kids are obsessed.   

Obsessed with Dr. Who!

Bonnie tried Dr. Who a few months ago but couldn't quite get into it, then our friends, the Harpers, came for a visit and their daughter who is a Dr. Who fan informed Bonnie to start with Season Two.  Eighty-six episodes later and we are still watching it.  All three kids love it.  I have to refrain myself from bursting out laughing sometimes with the absurdity of some of the episodes.  - People turned into blobs of fat jiggling around the streets - Really??  The Bill Cosby sketch about the chicken heart that invaded New York comes to mind.    The kids don't like it when I laugh, so I just leave the room.  Will you believe that after some episodes, the boys ask me to leave the hallway light on because they are freaked out?!  LOL 

In all reality, there is nothing morally wrong with the shows.  In fact, they are alot better than anything on the Disney channel or Nickelodeon.  So... why not?  Bring over the popcorn and let's watch some Dr. Who. There are a ton more episodes to watch.


  1. The first weeping angel episode scared me so badly I had to watch the show in increments. LOL

    1. The weeping angel episode is definitely the creepiest one. My kids had a hard time sleeping that night.