Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wrapping up this week

We are slowly wrapping up this week.  Yesterday, our local newspaper, the Leavenworth Echo, printed an article detailing Leavenworth's Distinguished Young Women's  program.  Bonnie is the only local girl who signed up to participate this year.  (Another girl who attends the local high school signed up as well, but she lives in a different town.)  Because Bonnie is the only Leavenworth girl there won't be a local competition, but Bonnie will go to an At Large competition in April to make sure she is qualified to be a Distinguished Young Woman and then go to the state competition in August to represent our town.  Our hopes are that by participating in DYW Bonnie will receive more scholarship opportunities to help pay for her college tuition. 

Tuesday night, Bonnie and I went shopping for a cocktail dress for the DYW competition.  The requirements for the dress is that it is knee length, shoulder straps, and have some bling (sequins or rhinestones) on it.  Wenatchee is not a mecca for finding dresses, but we looked around and found the dress.  It is exactly what we hoped for except for the color.  We were hoping to find something royal blue or red, but this dress is pewter.  I love it and so does Bonnie.  We are hoping our DYW board will give its stamp of approval as well.  Best yet, with store discounts and left over Christmas gift cards paid $6 for a $90 dress.  WooHoo!!!  Bonnie informed me that she needs a dress for each event at the competition so I guess our dress shopping isn't over.  However, I think she only needs one cocktail dress.  The rest just need to be semi-formal.

Brian finished his exams yesterday.  Yeah! First semester is over and the rest of the week he (and I) have off.  Next semester starts up on Monday with orientations for all of his classes.  He is done with Washington State History and Computer Literacy and picks up Wed Design and Game Design.  We have learned a lot this semester and I am hoping for better grades next.  In all, Brian received B's in most of his classes.  He got an A in PE. duh, C's in Geometry and History.  He should have scored a lot higher in both of those last two classes and I am expecting him to do better in Geometry second semester.  In all, I know I just need to crack the whip a little harder this go around.  I just wish the boy was more grade motivated like his sister.  Bonnie is checking on her grades continually and striving to keep her 4.0 at all costs right now her GPA is a 3.96.  

What's done is done.  The boy is smarter than what his grades reflect.  He just doesn't care.  So I am thankful for the little break this week.  Bryce is sick so it makes it a lot easier for the boys to hang out at home and then back to the grind stone on Monday.

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