Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Very Productive Day

As I sit in my quiet, clean house, I have to say that today has been most productive.

My morning started off a bit rough as I woke up feeling somewhat unwell, but the old "farm-girl" spirit within me would not allow me to lay in bed for long.  Once Todd took off for church to rejoin our Winter Blast crowd, I began my "spring" cleaning.  Our monstrous bathroom had been ignored long enough and needed a thorough cleansing.  Curtains were taken down and laundered, tiles scrubbed, woodwork polished, mirrors cleaned, and everything scrubbed.  Boy, that felt good. 

Besides cleaning I managed to make some of my homemade bread and milled some wheat  only after fighting with my food mill for a couple of hours - still  not sure what the problem was with it, but I ended up with flour all over the place and me. 

Now I get to relax, watch Jane Austen's Emma, and learn a new stitch to knit.  I have finished one square for my patchwork afgan.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  We got a lot of new snow today which means Bryce and I get to shovel everyone out so they can go to church in the morning.  Then it will be off to Wenatchee to go skating with the youth.

Till Then....

Oh...I did get our taxes filed yesterday.  What a wonderful feeling that is.  Love Turbo Tax!!! 

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