Sunday, March 2, 2014

Exciting Developments

I am pretty excited about a few things that are in the hopper.

First, I got a call from our local Distinguished Young Women's group.  They were just checking in to make sure that Bonnie is one-hundred percent committed to following through with the program.  She is.  She had her first training session.  They scrutinized her speech, evaluated her talent, and checked-out her outfits.  Everything went well.  The DYW rep informed me that she was very impressed with Bonnie's stage presence, loved her speech, gave a few pointers on how to make it better and suggested she change her talent from dramatic reading to singing.  I have been hesitant about Bonnie singing for the competition because she has no training in that area, but after asking her to sing last week the director, who has been trained vocally, said that Bonnie should sing.  She was on pitch the entire time and has a good voice.  So...she is singing.  Time for mom to start really biting her nails.  I was also informed that the other gal who was going to participate with Bonnie backed out.  Bonnie is the only girl now that our local group is coaching.  She will do everything alone, which means more attention will be placed on her.  Lastly, the local DYW group is trying hard to get state scholarship money for her.  That is GREAT news for Bonnie.

The second thing that has gotten me excited is that we are trying to work it out for Brian to go on a mission trip.  Imagine my surprise, when Todd asked  Brian if he would be interested in going on a mission trip and Brian said yes.  Not only did he say yes, but he can't stop talking about it.  If it works out, and I say IF with a capital I F because we missed the sign up deadline, but if it works out for him to go, he will be flying across the country to join up with a mission team of people he doesn't know and then head across the world to a foreign country to minister to a group of people who speak a different language.  Brian is my introverted kid who hates going out into the unknown, so for him to not only agree to do this but be so excited about it that he can't stop talking about it is a whole other ball game.  I will let you know if it works out.

So.... on this snowy Sunday I sit back and feel so blessed as I watch my children grow up.

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