Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Family Connections

Last night I received a message from my Aunt Gloria (my dad's sister) in Alexandria.  She informed me that her niece was moving to Leavenworth.  In fact, she (and her family) should arrive this Friday.  Lori is the daughter of my Uncle Weldon's (Gloria's husband) sister.  So although Lori and I are not related by blood we share the same aunt and uncle.  Lori's husband, Kent, is the new associate pastor of the Nazarene church.  Another bit of irony, is that the new senior pastor of the Nazarene church is from Indiana as well and used to live (I think) in Alexandria, my hometown.  My Aunt Gloria knows him as well since he would come to the library where she was the librarian.  Small World!  Oh...and here is one more piece to the pie....Kent's last name is Wright.  My maiden name is Wright.  So....there is another possibility that Kent and I are related as well.

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