Monday, January 27, 2014

Exam Week

It's exam week this week in the virtual world.  Brian is taking his semester exams and I am biting my nails.  I am struggling with how to help him prepare.  Today he took his Physical Science and Part 1 of his Geometry exam.  I would not let him submit anything until he could explain all of his answers to me.  Is that bad?  Everything is open notes, open books, and open study guides so why not?  Right?  Anyway, they only advice I gave him was to SHOW HIS WORK in geometry.  I mean, the teacher put that little three worded statement on the test for a reason.  She doesn't want to know the answer.  She wants to know how you got the answer.  After a brief discussion with my son, he typed in the formulas, how the numbers plugged in, and gave his answer.  Pheww! Glad that is over.

Two tests down and three more to go.  Oh, btw, he got a 96% on his Physical Science exam.  The geometry exam is teacher graded so we won't know about it til later.  Tomorrow he has part two of  geometry and his literature exam.  Literature....the very word sends goose pimples up my arm.  Things like mode, tense, metaphor, narrative verse, .....uggghhh!!! Who cares?  Really.  Either you like the book or you didn't.  Why do I have to evaluate the hidden message that the author is trying to convey?  Can you tell we are a math and science family?

Here is the great news about this week.  After Brian's exam on Wednesday, he is done for the week.  Done!!!  Two days off of school.  Second semester starts next Monday with a "Ramp Up" schedule which is a fancy way of saying we will start you off slowly, i.e. a bunch of orientations to sit through.  But hey, I can deal with it.  We finally, after 5 months, are starting to get the hang of this thing. 

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