Friday, January 24, 2014

Is this week over yet?

Is this week over?  Please tell me it is over.  I feel drained.  Like my body hurts drained.  A big part of our week has been centered around dealing with our local high school and whether or not they will accept Bonnie's 9th grade credits.  Just to refresh your memory, last year when we decided to let Bonnie attend the local public high school our goal was to have her enter as a freshman.  However, the freshman classes where nothing but "fluff" and her birth date  put her in as a sophomore.  So we enrolled her as a sophomore and gave the high school a transcript of the freshman classes that Bonnie completed the year before with her grades.  Throughout the course of the year we continued to notice that her report cards didn't show any freshman credits.  Finally, her adviser brought it to the principal's attention and I was told that in order for the school to accept her credits they had to evaluate the curriculum I used.  Oh, I would also have to pay them for the time it took to evaluate the curriculum.  Here it is a year later and the principal informs Bonnie that they can't accept her credits because we don't have enough documentation i.e. tests, quizzes, papers, etc.  and we owe them $35 per hour per subject with a minimum of 2 hours each which comes out to be $70 per subject /5 subjects = $350.  Todd went to the school on Wednesday and retrieved all of my curriculum that I had left with them and talked with the principal.  It is very evident to us that no one really looked at anything.  The principal seems to be having a change of mind on the whole matter and wants to look into the curriculum some more so he asked if he could have the books back to look up their ISBN #s.  We have decided that we don't need Bonnie's freshman credits for her to receive her high school diploma.  As a running start student at the local community college, once Bonnie completes the requirements for her Associates of Arts degree she will automatically receive her high school diploma. 

My word of advice to all my home school friends.  Keep every tests, quiz, and paper you child writes if you want them to go to a public high school.  Don't let them enroll your child until their credits are accepted.  The strain and stress of dealing with this has been overwhelming at times this week.  Add to that getting Brian ready for finals week.  Taking time to meet my some-what relatives who just moved to town, and dealing with all the responsibilities at church. 

I will end this post with a picture that Todd took of Brian.  His favorite place to do school is under his desk...


  1. Oh Kellie, what a pain! I'm so sorry. And thanks for the warning.

  2. That's awful! I'm angry on your behalf.