Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I think I will talk a little about Bonnie today.

Bonnie has been working the past couple of weekend at Camas Meadows Bible Camp which is about twenty minutes away up in the mountains.  She loves working up there and has proven herself to be a hard worker.  They wanted her to work every weekend for the next three months but we didn't want her to miss that much church, so we agreed that she could work two weekends a month.  She has had to learn how to manage her time.  Being at a camp, you can imagine there is a lot of fun and games and late nights. That is all great if you are a camper, but being on staff it can be quite draining.  The first couple of weekends that Bonnie worked she came home exhausted, and it took days for her to recoup.  We had to lay the law down that if she didn't manage her time better and get some sleep then she would  not be able to work there anymore.  This week she came home rested and ready to get back into her normal routine.  Well....she came home rested.  However, it turns out the visiting group took off with all of her luggage.  (roll eyes and sigh...)  Yep,  Bonnie didn't want to have to drag her bag of clothes, toiletries, etc back and forth across the icy roadway every morning and night so she decided to keep her bag in the bathroom under the bathroom counter.  Unfortunately, someone saw it when they were packing up to leave and grabbed it without thinking to ask to see if it belonged to any one in their group or on staff.  Well, at least she came home rested.

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