Friday, May 31, 2013


Did you hear that loud, long sigh?  That was me looking back over this week.   So many hurdles were     met and conquered.  Bonnie registered for the community college and signed up for next years classes at the high school.  (She will be taking AP History.) Bryce finished all of his cub scouts requirements for the Arrow of Light award, the Webelos highest award.  I also signed him up for the swim team prep class.  Both boys finished their standardized testing.  Lastly, I completed the enrollment for Brian in Washington's virtual academy. He will be taking geometry, English, world history, biology, flash animation, and music appreciation.  He is very excited about the class on flash animation. To complete the day and the week, Bonnie was awarded a certificate of academic excellence in algebra 2/ trig and in art.  We celebrated her achievements by going out to eat.

Seven more school days and we pack everything away for the summer and head to the beach!

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