Monday, May 13, 2013

After finishing up with our school, the boys and I headed downtown to help the Bird Festival pass out flags and packets to several of the Leavenworth stores.
This weekend is the annual Bird Fest.  They have all kinds of hikes planned and different bird related activities.  People who visit Leavenworth this weekend can purchase a raffle ticket and if they go to any store that is flying the Bird Fest flag, they can get a stamp on their ticket, the more stores they visit and the more stamps they receive will enable them to win prizes at a drawing.    Our job was to make sure all of the participating stores got their flags and stamps to use for this weekend.  Wouldn't you know it decided to rain just as we started passing out everything but that didn't stop us. 
Todd met a guy Saturday in the park around Blackbird Island.   He was reading a Bible that someone had given him.  Naturally, Todd stopped to ask what he was reading and why.  That led to a conversation and Todd invited him to attend church.  He did.  So Todd invited him over for supper tonight.  He didn't, but he is coming over for lunch tomorrow.  Evidently, he is living up in the woods, literally.  Todd invited him over to eat, shower, and do laundry.  So we would appreciate your prayers for Michael.

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