Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I actually got excited about schooling on Monday.  I have been deliberating and stressing over next year's schooling for quite some time, probably because I have been so frustrated with this year.  We have pretty much decided that Brian will be doing the Washington Virtual Academy next year.  He and I have talked about it alot, to see which Washington virtual school would fit him best.  I think we are going to go with Insight Virtual Academy.  They still let you go at your own pace and everything is on-line.  Brian can choose which path of curriculum he wants to take i.e. core, comprehensive or AP courses, etc.  This will ensure he is getting everything required for graduation and take that burden off of my shoulders. 

Here is where I get excited though.  I hadn't not settled on what to do for Bryce.  Do I sign him up for the vitrual school as well, or stick with what we have on hand?  Since I monitor all of Bryce's schooling already, I chose to stay with what we already have on hand.  I pulled out our Tapestry of Grace curriculum and since I have the majority of it on hand we will use it.  TOG will cover his geography, literature, history, and Bible.  I will keep him in Abeka math and English, and use Apologia science if I can figure out who I loaned the book out too.  sigh... He is also working through Sequential Spelling so we will continue with that.   I chose to go back to TOG for a couple of  reasons.  One, I already have it.  Two, I love TOG.  Three, Abeka on line has not been that big of a help.  I still work with Bryce on his online classes and tailor it to his learning style.  Also, while teaching Bryce history with Abeka, I would find myself teaching him more than what the textbook taught, because they would only give a general summary on the person or event.  I spent Monday morning, pulling out all of my books for Unit 1 of TOG Year 3 and researching the library to see what they have on hand.  I plan on pulling all of the books from the library in August so we are ready to go.  I can't wait! 

Bonnie and I went back to the community college on Monday for her advising appointment.  She registers for the fall quarter at the end of this month.  I am so excited and nervous for her.  Today she has a job interview to work at the city pool.  I feel strongly that she will get the job.  Then it is time to get her learner's permit and sign her up for driver's ed.  We need her to start driving to help get her back and forth to the community college.  Until then she will need to ride the city bus.


  1. What makes Insight different/better than K12?

  2. Insight is just another virtual school that K12 offers. When I looked up Washington Virtual schools it mentioned WaVA, Insight and IQ. However, I just read in our local paper that the government is going to start requiring that you attend the virtual school for your school district. The schools I mentioned above are out of Monroe and Omak. Our local virtural school is Columbia Virtual Academy. I didn't hear good reviews on them but that is probably because they are only a year old.