Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let the Tests Begin

Today we started our standardized testing.  As much as I hated taking a break from our regular work, it was necessary for us to do our testing, especially since Brian will be joining WaVA next year.  I figure they would appreciate having his test scores. 

I really miss my teacher friend who used to test the kids.  Two hours and all three kids were accessed.  Now we are back to using Thurber's Testing Services from North Carolina.  The tests came in the mail on Friday so Brian is testing this week and I will test Bryce next week. 

The boys are finishing up everything.  Both have completed their science books and are almost done with history.  I have stopped testing them in history and have asked that they finish reading their textbooks.  I figure Brian will be one chapter shy of finishing his Algebra book.  Bonnie has assured me that they never completed any of their math books in the high school.  Instead they skipped around in math.  We won't finish our language books, but our going through and making sure we highlight all of the key areas.  There again, Bonnie assures me that we are doing way more than what they do in the high school.  It sure is good having her around to give me a fresh perspective.  Maybe that is why us home school moms often grill each other over our curricula and teaching styles.  It helps us know if we are doing ok.  I talked to one mom over the weekend, who doesn't really follow any guidelines.  I can't do that, I have to KNOW that we are hitting the mark or at least trying to when it comes to covering all the bases for graduation. 

June 12 is our last day of school.  At noon, we pack up our books and head off for vacation!  Let the countdown begin.

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  1. That's the hardest thing about having kids enrolled in distance schools, like my high school boys are, and like Brian will be next year. You absolutely have to finish everything.