Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day and Other News

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day.  This year Todd was asked to conduct the services at the local cemeteries, so the kids and I loaded up and headed over to Mountain View Cemetery to take the time to remember our fallen soldiers.

 Watching my husband and listening to him as he conducted the service made me so proud of him.  Once again God confirmed within me that we are exactly where we need to be and doing what God wants us to do.  (Todd was asked to conduct the services again next year.)
While at Mountain View the kids and I went over to visit the grave site of my mother-in-law's father, Vincent F. Brehm who served during WW2.

After the service Todd got a phone call from a former pastor and friend who invited Todd to join him in climbing Mt. Rainer in a couple weeks.  Wow!  As soon as Todd returned home, he grabbed his backpack, loaded it up with weights, and started training for his big climb by climbing Tumwater Mountain.  For my TN folks, that would be like climbing Lookout Mountain.

Bonnie is enjoying her job at the pool, but right now she is pretty bored.  With overcast skies, rain, and a broken heater, my Bryce is about the only kid who shows up every day.  We are looking at signing Bryce up for the swim team prep class.

This morning at 6 am, Bonnie registered for her college classes.  We couldn't get her into the math or chemistry class that she wanted because we failed to get the override codes that showed that she has completed Algebra 2 so those two classes will have to wait until second quarter.  Instead, she is signed up for English 101, Introduction to Economics, and Art History Survey.  She will also take a history class at the high school in the afternoons.  The last thing on our school agenda is to show the high school the French language curriculum we have and see if they will allow her to use it to satisfy her foreign language requirement.


Standardized testing this week...Finish history next and plug through math and language then We Are Done!

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