Saturday, May 11, 2013

Marathon Day

 It is ten o'clock and my marathon day is just about over.  No,  I wasn't running any races, that is Todd's hobby.  Today  was just one, very , busy day.  I foolishly thought that I could actually sleep in an extra hour this morning since I didn't have to fix breakfast for the men's Bible study, but when I did get up I ambitiously decided that I could have Bonnie take her food handlers test before she had to go to her 9am orientation meeting at the city pool.  To work in concessions she has to have a food handlers permit and our computers at home have not been cooperating and neither has Bonnie's busy schedule.  So here it is, the morning of her orientation and no permit.  Since our computers weren't working, I ran her out to the church at eight.  With only a minute to spare I got Bonnie to the pool at nine with her permit in hand.  Looks like she has a job at the pool.  After dropping off Bonnie, it was a dash to the house to pick up the boys and take them to the church for our annual work day.  Two hours later, the boys and I scurried home so that Brian could get ready to march in the Maifest parade with the Boys Scouts.  With that over, we loaded back up to head to Wenatchee to get the last few items for our mother's day gifts and a pop-in to see my nephew at his going-away-party before he leaves for the Army.   Home again to drop off the boys and pick up Bonnie to take her to the cast party for her play, to the store for flowers for Bonnie and the music director that she adores, back home to do some laundry, feed everyone dinner, pick up more supplies for the concession stand and back to the high school for the final performance.  Whew!!!  I am exhausted.  If I had a pedometer I bet I logged in over 26 miles, so I guess I did run a marathon of sorts.
My mother-in-law's Mother's day gift.  We took pictures of her childhood home and framed them in an old window frame that I found under the chicken coop.
Bonnie playing Fionna in Brigadoon
Bonnie singing "Waiting for My Dearie"

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