Friday, March 1, 2013

Well, it's Friday again.  Prime blogging time.  This time I am at the church in the evening waiting for a concert to begin.  Todd had to take Bonnie up to Camas Meadows Bible Camp to work in the kitchen over the weekend, so I am "holding down the fort" to speak, while the Keepers of the Faith set up and get ready to perform. 

This week has been a week of weeping and wailing when it came to school.  Maybe it is because of the winter break, I don't know but there were a couple of times today and this week that I wanted to throw the towel in.  I have been totally frustrated with our schooling this year.  I have been doing a lot of thought for next year.  I had wanted to sign Brian up with Abeka online, the complete package, where we have to send everything in to them, they grade it, and keep a record of his work.  This would help with his high school transcript and make it easier for us when he moves over to the public school.  However, Abeka is not cheap.  Cheaper than a private school, but the most expensive we have ever invested in.  With us looking at buying property and building a house, I have to really tighten the hatches and so I have to re-evaluate our choices for school.  I have been looking at the Washington State Virtual Academy again and feeling more and more like this is going to be our Number One option.  They provide all the books, equipment, and materials.  We also have more freedom to choose what courses to take for his freshman year than if he were to attend the local school.  They give him his assignments, he fills them out, mails them back in, and checks in with his virtual teacher once a week.  I think it will be great.  I will let you know what we decide.

Isn't she beautiful?  This is my daughter after she got already for school, walked the two and half blocks to the building and then realized it was late start. lol   Well, at least she was ready for the day and got to spend the morning practicing her piano and playing Mario Kart before school started.  Oh...btw...she still has a 4.0!  

The pressure of being the female lead is starting to take full effect.  Pray for her!  It is hard enough being the lead, but when you have to sing on top of that .....well, you can imagine her nerves.  She told the directors that she could not kiss Blake on the lips for their "love" scene.  They weren't happy.  She told them that if she kissed Blake or if he kissed her on the lips then her dad would pull her out of the play.  They don't like us.   ha ha ha...The conceeded to let him kiss her on the cheek.  Really, would you want YOUR first kiss to be on stage.  She is too precious to spoil.

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