Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Break

We are on Winter Break here.  I had not intended to take the week off, but with Bonnie and Todd both on break it was hard to push the boys to do school work.  Besides, my reasoning to have them do school this week was to insure that we would be done with school by end of May, but since Bonnie and Todd have to do school for the first two weeks of June, we might has well have school work to do during those weeks as well.  So here we are on break, and to be honest, I have enjoyed the week off.

Our break started with the North West Grace Youth Camp Winter Blast which is hosted at our church.  Eighty teenagers and twenty adults showed up late Friday night for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth.  Bonnie, along with five others from our church, joined in and had a blast.

On Wednesday, Todd took the kids skiing.  With temperatures in the mid to upper 40s for the past few weeks, the snow is quickly melting.  Not knowing how much longer we have left in the ski season we figured they might as well take advantage of the break and enjoy the slopes.  Also, with Bonnie in school, she has not had the opportunities to ski like the boys.
Our week is ending with Todd heading out to the Chumstick property to meeting up with an inspector.  One of our biggest concerns about purchasing this property is where we can put in a septic field.  Grandma and Grandpa Brehm used an outhouse for fourty plus years before finally putting in a bathroom and then he didn't use a legal septic field.  At least a 5 gallon drum buried in the ground isn't legal, is it?  There is all kinds of restrictions now on the property since a protected creek runs through the front acre so it has to be so many hundreds of feet away.  Any way, today an inspector will access the property and let us know where a septic field can be placed and how much it will cost us.  Still praying for open and closed doors. 
In all reality, this is the final hurdle we face.  If the report is good, we are looking at signing the papers.  If the report is bad, we turn it over to the Lord and trust He has a better plan for our future housing.  In all reality, buying this property and building a house will equal the same amount of monthly housing as to renting another house in town. 

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