Saturday, March 2, 2013

I just realized that I have spent the last eight hours in the same five foot by two foot area in the kitchen, except for the three quick runs to the grocery store to pick up one more thing that I forgot earlier today on my run to Wenatchee. Finally, I get to sit down and take a break while my last dish is in the oven. 

I am trying hard to plan out my month, buy as frugally as possible, and use everything that I have on hand as efficiently as possible.  Thursday I cooked a turkey that I had in the freezer since Thanksgiving.  I decided it was time to thaw it out and cook it up.  Last Thanksgiving I canned about 20 quarts of turkey broth and turkey bits for homemade turkey/vegetable soup.  I am down to my last quart and so it was time to stock up again.  While shopping this morning, I simmered the carcass from my turkey with a bunch of vegetables so that when I got home, it was ready for me to glean all the scraps of meat off the bones, and process all the yummy broth it made.  I managed to get 8 quarts out of it, and then I put away three quart bags of turkey meat.  On top of that I made a turkey casserole for lunch tomorrow.  I am also in charge of Sunday school refreshments so I pulled out some rhubarb  that was in the freezer from last fall and made rhubarb crumble.  I didn't feel like make the crumble "healthy" so I won't be enjoying any of it.  Yes, I am still being good with what I eat.  (I did eat a blueberry muffin Thursday night.  That was my first bite of sugar and white flour in five months.  Wow!  That is almost half a year! )  I have been remaking a lot of my recipes with whole wheat flour, etc.  It has been a lot of fun.  I am finding all kinds of new things to make, unfortunately, it isn't very economical since the healthier flours are more expensive.  I have been looking at using almond flour and coconut flour as alternatives for cookies and goodies, but they are about 5 to 7 dollars a pound.  Ouch!

My cooking isn't done for this week but I am taking a break for today.  It is almost nine o'clock at night.  Tomorrow, one of the gals has requested apple pie for our Bible study snack.  Fortunately, I have a few pie shells in the freezer and I canned apple pie filling last fall, so that won't be too labor intensive.  I also am running low on granola, so I will whip up a batch of that.  I found a great recipe on called Megan's granola.  I didn't use everything that it called for, just what I had on hand, but the granola is delicious.  It is great alone, mixed with yogurt, or with milk. 

Now, I just have to keep myself awake while the crumble is baking in the oven.  At least tomorrow morning will go smoothly with snack, lunch, and dinner all taken care of.  I might be able to relax a little.

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