Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Brag Session

Is it wrong to brag?  If it is, don't tell me, because I want to brag just a little.  Bonnie is doing absolutely fabulous in the public high school.  Periodically, I check her grades online and saw that she is currently ranked #1 in her class out of 104 students.  Again, she is doing great.  She is also so busy.  She is starting to get a cold, but we are both "willing" it away with salt water, honey, and herbal teas.  She doesn't have time to be sick.  Yesterday's schedule was this - up at 5:30 for her Bible reading, 6:00 shower, 6:30 chores, 7:00 breakfast 7:45 out the door for school, 3:00-5:00 play practice, 5:15 - 6:00 piano lessons, 6:45 choir concert, and home for bed... I swore I would never over schedule my kids, but well, there comes a time when it is unavoidable.  Fortunatley, her weekend is looking pretty low key.  She is hoping to sleep most of tomorrow and I am going to let her.

Today I registered her to take the COMPASS exam for our local community college.  If she passes the test, she can register for their Running Start program and start earning college credit next year.  I have a lot of confidence in her.  She is a serious student and is tired of all the antics of those students who just want to "socialize." 

OK...I am done bragging.

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