Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Window Projects

My kitchen window is getting filled with all kinds of projects thanks to Pinterest.  Have you joined the Pinterest crowd?  It took me awhile before I got sucked into it and now I am obsessed with Pinterest.  There are so many cool ideas on it.  I have been inspired to make my own vanilla and my own vinegar.  I have projects planned out for our future home, color schemes, decorations....you name it.  I also have tons of ideas for my summer garden.    How I am going to layout the veggies, fertilizer and nuturients to add to the soil, and decorative ways to fence it, prop up the veggies, ....I could go on.

One of my Pinterest inspirations was to regrow veggies that we use on a daily basis.  Anything to save a buck, right?!  Imagine my delight when I realized I could regrow my green onions.  I LOVE GREEN ONIONS.  They add great flavor to eggs, salsas, just about any dish.
The first time I tried to grow my onions, it was an absolute failure.  That is because I just looked at the picture on Pinterest and didn't read the article.  But now, look at all of that goodness.  Instead of throwing the white bulbs away when you cut off the green stalks, place them in a dish of water.  Every day drain out the water and replace it with fresh water.  Before long, you will see your onions growing again.  I took my first successful batch and placed them in a pot of soil,  but the the others I have left in water.  Now whenever I want some green onions for a recipe, I just grab my kitchen shears and cut off however much I need.  Best yet,  all of those onions are growing again.

Once I figured I could regrow onions I decided to try and grow another veggie we use regularly - celery.
You do pretty much the same thing.  Cut off your celery stalks and then place the bottom in a bowl of shallow water.  Change out the water every day and soon you will see fresh green leaves growing out the middle.  One gal had her celery growing in her window for 9 months.  The stalks are not as big and thick but they are good for your soups and stews.

My final Pinterest project has to do with eggs.  I have been told that your tomatoes need calcium to grow healthy and strong.  An excellent source of calcium is egg shells.  So every morning, when I make our omelets I rinse out the shells and place them in the window to dry.  They are then placed in a bucket.  When it is time to plant my tomatoes, I will crush the shells into a powder and will mix the shells with bone meal and crushed aspirin.  That mixture is supposed to help  your plants.  We'll see.

I have become so inspired to be resourceful with all that we have and not to be wasteful.  I also desire to leave as healthy as possible.  That is the best part of losing all of this weight.  I have a desire to not only eat healthy but to teach and train my children to eat right and be conscious of how they are using all of the awesome natural resources that God has blessed us with.

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