Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We Did It

We submitted the paper work to the bank on Monday to see if there is any way possible to buy the property on the Chumstick and build a house.  Now we wait.  I don't feel very hopeful, I feel very anxious, and trying hard...very hard...not to think too much about it which is almost impossible.  It's hard to wait. 

Add to the stress and anxiety over the property, I have been overwhelmed with homesickness.  Todd keeps encouraging me to buy a ticket and fly home, but there is no way I am going to do that.  I mean, what if we DO get approval.  We will need every penny avaiable to us.  During one of my very homesick moments I did find a very good deal to fly the whole family to TN in August.  Like $300 a ticket...unreal...but not very pratical.  That was one of the tradeoffs in moving here.  We were never able to visit the PNW when we lived in the East and now we can't visit my folks.  Thank goodness for modern technology that allows us to skype, chat, text, and talk.

On top of that I am feeling like a failure with our homeschool year.  Yeah, I know, this is a very depressing post.  Sorry about that.  I just need to vent it out right now.  Anyone reading?  Anyone?  I have definitely decided to do the virtual academy next year.  My one bright spot has been Bonnie.  She is blossoming, succeeding, thriving.  We didn't fail her as parents or as teachers.  Whew (wipe hankerchief across forehead)!  Her math teacher told her to tell us thank you for teaching her how to FOIL and factor.  She and one other student who had Todd as her math teacher for the past two years are the only students who know how to do those two functions.

So we wait, fret, pray, and rest in God's capable and faithful hands.

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  1. I didn't know what FOIL meant, so I looked it up. Whew! That's how I taught Zach and Drew. LOL