Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Short and Sweet

I have fifteen minutes to kill..not enough time to go over Algebra with my son, but enough to jot down a few here goes.

I graduated from know the weight-loss group I have been with for the past six months...I have held my own for the last month and a half and feel secure that I can continue the journey without attending the classes.  I am still journalling and will continue that til I die.  However..I joined my brother's weight-loss group called Thrive.  I sat through his first class over the internet and feel like I am back in weight-loss boot camp.  Let's just say I think Thrive is harder to figure out than Prism.  Right now I am starving and have no clue what I should and should not eat.  It doesn't help that it is the end of the month and my cupboards are just about bare.  I decided to not journal with them this week because I can't bear to hear them tell me that I keep "blowing it" with my food choices.  (Thrive is all about portion control and pairing up your food so that you get the best metabolic burn.  I can handle portion control, but my pairing up food categories is not going so well.)  I have already lost another pound and I really don't want to lose anymore weight. 

Other than that, we are on the verge of Spring Break.  The boys are finishing up their courses for this week and I can actually see the end in sight with their studies.  Bonnie is applying for a job today.  A gal we know has applied to be the city pool manager and has requested that Bonnie apply to work in the concession stand.  This gal also manages the city pool in the next town, so Bonnie is applying to work there as well.  We are hoping she can work at both pools.  Next week, Bonnie will be taking the Compass test at Wenatchee Valley College.  If she passes then she can attend the community college next year.  Fingers crossed. 

Today we give our house plans over to our friend who is an architect to draw up the blue prints. Another step forward in the process of having our own home. 

That's it..short and sweet.

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