Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have to say that October is becoming my least favorite month.  It is so jam packed with things to do, events, stuff...that I feel like I am suffocating.  There is not one, not one, unplanned day in this whole month.  I thought I might squeak out last Saturday and next but NO!  Last Saturday I turned down an invite to go to a Ladie's purse party thinking I should use the day at home.  That day at home turned into running kids from event to event.  I got a lot of exercise since I chose to walk to the high school three separate times and then downtown twice.  I even went and picked 5 gallons of concord grapes, which, by the way, meant creating more work to do as I am now making grape jelly as I type. My third batch.  Next Saturday won't be a day off either as it is imperative that I get our yard ready for winter.  Snow is on the mountains!

Wow...it is no wonder that last Sunday I finally broke down in tears as I was running around getting bulletins ready and setting up communion when my mother in law reminded me that I was to bring Sunday School refreshments.  Yep, I had a little pity party.  Good thing I have an office I can lock myself in to.  It didn't help that the day before I had been at a conference in Spokane and was still exhausted from that.

Nope, I don't like October.  Things ARE looking brighter.  Cub Scouts got cancelled last week so I was able to tackle the garage and Bible study was cancelled last night so I got a few unexpected breathers.  The missions conference is coming up next week and that always puts pressure on me.  Our house tends to be a place where everyone congregates.  One of the missionaries is a Heath (our landlord's daughter) so I want the house to look especially nice.  She probably won't notice anything out of place but ....

Fifteen more minutes and I send the kiddos to bed. About twenty more minutes and my third batch of jelly will be done.  In thirty minutes I will kick back and watch the Duggards with their 19 kids and counting.  How does Michelle do it?  I bet she doesn't garden and can.  Wait ...she had lots of kids so they do it all for her.  That's my problem. 


  1. I've been thinking about you lately. How is Bonnie liking high school? Does Bryce still like school online?

  2. Bonnie does like high school. She is getting all A's! Yeah. That will change when she takes English next semester. Oh well. Bryce likes his on line school. We have tailored some of the classes. In Spelling the teacher goes lightening fast having the kids practice spelling all the words. I make Bryce listen in on the class but then I work with him individually and let him spell them at his own rate. I feel like he is accomplishing so much this year. Very happy that we chose to do online.