Sunday, July 24, 2011

Todd has been taking every opportunity he can to go up into the mountains and get our firewood for this winter.

The other night he wanted me to go with him so I can see where he goes and enjoy the view of his surroundings.

You can't quite catch the awesomeness in pictures.  You have to imagine that you are thousands of feet above everyone else and far from civilization. 

 This view is looking off to the east towards Spokane and you can see how the area transitions from the mountains to a flat, desert area.  Many people don't realize how many climates are represented in the state of Washington.  We have the wet, rainforest climate that is seen on the Olympic Pennisula and Seattle, the mountain climate, and the dry, arid desert climate near Spokane.
  In this view you are actually looking over Leavenworth.  There are two canyons that you can see in the picture.  The one in the back is Icicle Road (the Leavenworth Golf Course is down that road) and then the canyon in front of it is Tumwater Canyon/Hwy 2.  It is really hard to see the front canyon because the ridge is pretty dark.  That is why I said pictures don't do the view justice, but it is the best I can do to show you the land without actually driving you up the mountain.

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