Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ready or Not

Ready or not I started ordering our school books for next year.  I don't have it all figured out yet, but I figured I should buy what I can when I can.

So far I have ordered Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Unit 1.  This year our tapestry studies will focus on the fall of the Roman empire, Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Reformation, Crusades, all the way through John Adam's presidency.  I am pretty fuzzy on the time line of all of these events so I probably got them out of order.  I am, however, excited about delving into this part history.  I don't have a very good background in it so I will be learning a lot with the kids.  I already started reading Famous Men of Middle Ages to give me a head start.    I also ordered Saxon Phonics Intervention Kit.  My nine year old is still struggling with his reading.  It frustrates the both of us.  He knows all the sounds, but to put them all together quickly and read a word is hard.  I see him wanting to read swiftly and fluently and yet not everything connects that quickly in the brain.  I am hoping this intensive phonics program will help.

Two other items in my online shopping cart our Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science.  I am looking at getting their DVD series that has an instructor teaching the textbook.  My final cart item for this week is Saxon math.  I was thinking about getting Geometry but after talking with a friend I am leaning on Bonnie doing Algebra again.  I don't feel confident in her having mastered the subject. More than anything I want her to feel confident in the subject.  Saxon has put their math on a DVD interactive program that will have a video teacher (like Teaching Textbooks, but more affordable).

Next  month I will get our English as well as the boys' science and math.  I am open to suggestions on our English.  We have been using Abeka for years, but the kids are tired of it.  I don't want my kids hating a subject, so I will be doing some more research on what is out there.

Four more weeks left of summer.  I am not ready for this time to end, but, ready or not, school is just around the corner.

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