Monday, July 25, 2011

The Offer

We got an offer today on our house in NC.

It's not a good offer.

In fact, it's a terrible offer.

I am trying not to get angry.  I was prepared when I saw the feedback response from the buyer's agent that a low offer was coming in, but this offer is downright insulting.

Part of me is really feeling angry with life, and wondering why we can't seem to get a break.  You see, when we started this whole process of putting the house up for sale I had a "dream" number in my head of what I would like to sell it at.  If we could sell our house for XX dollars then we could be debt free.  No more student loan, no more credit card, no more mortgage.  When our real estate agent came over to assess our house and put a price on it, he named my "dream" number without me ever revealing it.  I knew then that my dream was possible.

Since that day we have had to come down in our price and I have had to slowly let go of my dream of being debt free.  I have also accepted the fact that we may have to settle for only paying off the mortgage and not make any money from this sell, just be glad we have no more mortgage payments.

Today's offer, if we were to accept it, would have us stilling oweing the bank over $30k.  Oweing the bank!! 

Todd and I sent back a counter offer.  We lowered our asking price $10k not the $55k that they want us to.  I doubt they will accept.  In fact, I will be very surprised if they do.  Someone out there will buy this house, though. 

Please, SOMEONE buy my house!

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