Friday, July 15, 2011

The Cave

A few weeks ago my mother in law took the kids to a cave she discovered just off Hwy 2 in the Tumwater Canyon.  Ever since then, Brian has wanted to go back.  He has begged and begged, but it just wasn't convenient to go.  Yesterday, I ran out of excuses.

We all piled into the truck and headed west on Hwy 2 to play at the cave.

Unfortunately, a few miles into the canyon we ran into road work.

Cars were stopped, engines turned off, people and their pets were out playing on the side of the road.

Autumn could care less.  She is just here for the ride.

The boys, however, weren't thrilled at all.  I had finally given in to take them to their cave and now other factors were preventing them from their adventure.

 The line of cars seemed to go forever, but after ten minutes, engines were turned back on and we slowly made our way westward again.
Finally we reached the turn off.  The Swift Water picnic site is the place.  Trails lead  you to all sorts of rocks and scenic views, but the boys had one place in mind.

The Cave

It is one GIANT rock that has landed on another giant rock resulting in a God-made lean-to.  It is really a cool place.  The kids climbed in, around, and on the rock. 
We lingered for a little while and then headed back home for supper.  Brian was happy to share his new find with Autumn and me.

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